.03 Office Requirements.

A. Before issuing a license, the Administration shall inspect and approve a title service agent's office.

B. Zoning of a Title Service Agent's Office.

(1) The office shall be located in an appropriately zoned location.

(2) An applicant for a license shall provide verification of zoning approval, if required by the local jurisdiction, in the form of a zoning certification.

(3) A title service agent who does not conduct business with the public at the licensed location may be exempt from local zoning requirements.

C. A title service agent's office shall be equipped with:

(1) A secure area for storage of State property; and

(2) Telephone service in the name of the title service business.

D. Signs. A title service agent's office shall have, unless prohibited by local ordinances, a sign which shall clearly indicate the type of business conducted at the office.

E. The license shall be displayed in the office.