.02 Dealer License.

A. The Administration may refuse to grant a license to any person as a dealer or may suspend, revoke, or refuse to continue the license of a dealer already issued, unless the dealer is meeting the requirements set forth in this chapter.

B. A person applying for a dealer license shall submit the application in a format prescribed by the Administration, along with the fee as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

C. The business application for license shall state the full business name and all “trading as” or “doing business as” names. Example: ABC Pontiac—GMC—Nissan—Volvo, Inc.; T/A ABC Volvo, T/A ABC Nissan, T/A ABC Pontiac—GMC.

D. A licensee may not do business in a name or under any title or designation other than as registered with the Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT) and stated on the license application.

E. A dealer may hold multiple licenses, for example, new or used vehicle, motorcycle, and trailer dealers’ licenses, provided that the licenses are issued in the same dealership name.

F. A dealer license shall be issued for a 3-year period.