.04 Nonrenewal or transfer of Registration and Nonrenewal of Driverís License.

Upon notification to the Administration from the Comptroller or MDL that an individual or entity has failed to pay undisputed taxes or unemployment insurance contributions, or has failed to arrange for a plan of payment in a manner satisfactory to the agency responsible for collection, and upon a positive match to that individual in Administration records, the Administration shall refuse:

A. For any vehicle owned or co-owned by applicant:

(1) To renew the vehicle registration;

(2) To transfer the vehicle registration;

(3) To issue a replacement tag;

(4) To issue a substitute set of tags; or

(5) To issue a substitute set of registration stickers; and

B. For the applicantís driverís license:

(1) To renew the driverís license; or

(2) To renew the driverís license with correction.