.03 Requirements for Enrollment in the Program.

A. To enroll as a participant in the Program, an individual shall:

(1) Have a valid Maryland license that is not currently suspended, revoked, cancelled, or refused in this or any other state;

(2) Notify the Administration, in writing, of the individual's choice to participate in the Program;

(3) Have an interlock device installed in the individual's vehicle by an approved service provider;

(4) Surrender all Maryland driver's licenses, including a temporary license, or submit a signed statement certifying no driver's license is in the individual's possession;

(5) Submit the service provider's completed sealed enrollment form to a full service Administration office;

(6) Pay the required ignition interlock participation fee as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05; and

(7) Obtain a driver's license with an interlock-restriction.

B. An individual may not become a participant and will not receive credit for participation in the Program unless all the requirements set forth in §A of this regulation have been complied with.

C. Except when the participant is a repeat offender subject to the provisions of Transportation Article, §16-205(e), Annotated Code of Maryland, an employer waiver, allowing the participant to drive an employer vehicle in the course of the participantís employment during normal working hours, may be granted by the courts, or by the Administration, with submission of documentation of current employment and the need for the participant to operate the motor vehicle in the course of employment, in a form that is acceptable to the Administration.

D. An individual who requests an administrative hearing to show cause why the individualís driverís license should not be suspended or revoked is no longer eligible to participate in the Program unless:

(1) The individual withdraws the request for an administrative hearing and completes all the requirements set forth in §A of this regulation; or

(2) The individualís license suspension or revocation is modified by a final decision of an administrative law judge of the Office of Administrative Hearings to allow participation in the Program.

E. If the device is installed in a vehicle not owned by the participant, the individual shall provide the Administration with a notarized signed statement from the owner of the vehicle authorizing the installation of the interlock device.

F. The participant shall abide by the terms and conditions of the service provider's agreement, including payment of all costs and fees associated with the Program.

G. The Administration ignition interlock participation fee may be waived for participants experiencing financial hardship as set forth in COMAR

H. As a condition of continued enrollment in the Program, a participant shall have the interlock device serviced and data downloaded by a service provider, at a frequency not to exceed 30 days.