.06 Lifetime Disqualification Reinstatement.

A. An individual with a lifetime disqualification may request reinstatement of the individual's commercial driving privilege if:

(1) A 10-year disqualification period has expired from the date of the lifetime disqualification;

(2) The individual has voluntarily entered and successfully completed the approved rehabilitation program or programs required by the Administration;

(3) The individual had a valid driver's license during that 10-year period;

(4) The individual has no record of any moving violations during the lifetime disqualification period; and

(5) The individual has met all the reinstatement requirements under 49 CFR §383.51.

B. The Administration, after an investigation of the individual's habits, health, and driving ability and referral to the Medical Advisory Board established under Transportation Article, §16-118, Annotated Code of Maryland, may determine if it will be safe to reinstate the individual's commercial driving privilege.

C. The decision to grant the reinstatement shall be solely at the discretion of the Administrator or Administrator's designee.

D. If the reinstatement of the individual's commercial driving privilege is granted, the Administration shall require the applicant to submit to all testing requirements under Transportation Article, Title 16, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland, and COMAR 11.17.14.

E. If an individual who has been reinstated with a commercial driving privilege under the provisions of this regulation is subsequently convicted of a disqualifying offense described in 49 CFR §383.51, the lifetime disqualification of the individual's commercial driving privilege shall be reinstated and any future request for reinstatement of the commercial driving privilege shall be denied.