.05 Notice of Proposed Action.

Before refusing to register or transfer a vehicle registration and suspending the driver's license or privilege to drive of an individual with an outstanding warrant, the Administration shall send notice to the individual. The notice shall:

A. Be in writing;

B. Be personally served on the individual or sent by U.S. mail to the individual at the address on record with the Administration; and

C. Advise the individual:

(1) That the registration or transfer of any vehicle owned by the individual has been refused and their driver's license or privilege to drive has been suspended;

(2) Of the right to contest, within 15 days of the notice date, by making a written request for an administration hearing;

(3) That the hearing request under this section shall be limited to the issue of mistaken identity; and

(4) To contact the reporting law enforcement agency to resolve any questions regarding the outstanding warrant.