.03 Record Request.

A. An applicant may request an individual's public record by completing a record request form furnished by the Administration which shall include the:

(1) Name of the applicant;

(2) Signature of the applicant;

(3) Business name of the applicant, if applicable;

(4) Address of the applicant or business;

(5) Name of the record requested;

(6) Reason for the request; and

(7) Record identification number, such as:

(a) Driver's license or Soundex, or

(b) Vehicle registration.

B. To determine the applicant's eligibility for release of personal information when appearing in person, the applicant shall furnish a driver's license or State identification card and, if the application is for personal information for a different individual, upon request by the Administration, another form of personal identification such as a:

(1) Federal tax identification or other business number;

(2) Vendor contract number;

(3) Law enforcement identification;

(4) Government employment identification; or

(5) Professional license number with the name of the licensing agency.