.04 Work-Restricted License or Privilege.

A. A work-restricted driver's license may be issued or work-restricted privilege authorized by the Administration if the individual certifies that the individual understands the restriction conditions set forth in §B of this regulation.

B. Conditions of Work-Restricted License or Privilege.

(1) Individuals shall be gainfully employed.

(2) Individuals shall operate a motor vehicle only for the purposes described in Regulation .02B(4) or (5) of this chapter, and may not operate a motor vehicle for any other purpose.

(3) A work-restricted license or privilege shall be valid only when no other suspensions, cancellations, revocations, refusals, or disqualifications exist against the individual's driver's license.

(4) A work-restricted license issued under this chapter shall be cancelled by the Administration if:

(a) The Administration receives notice from CSEA to remove the work restriction; or

(b) The driver's license of the individual is suspended, cancelled, revoked, or refused, or the individual is disqualified.