.01 Payment by Noncertified Check.

A. When payment is made to the Motor Vehicle Administration (Administration) by noncertified check, the check shall be imprinted with the name and address of the payor.

B. In addition, the payor shall provide, on the face of the check, the payor's:

(1) Driver's license number; and

(2) Home, work, or cellular telephone number.

C. The Administration may request, if the payor is a company, the payor's federal employer's identification number.

D. If the payor is writing a check for another person's transaction, the Administration may require additional identification.

E. The Administration may not accept checks which are not imprinted with the payor's name and address.

F. If the payor is a company and will not disclose upon request the payor's federal identification number, payment shall be made by some method other than by noncertified check.