.04 Reinstatement of Safety-Sensitive Eligibility.

A. An employee whose safety-sensitive certification has been suspended may be eligible for reinstatement prior to the expiration of the initial period of suspension if:

(1) The suspension imposed is for a period of 1 year or less;

(2) The suspension was for reasons other than noncompliance with the drug and alcohol policy;

(3) The employee has been evaluated by a qualified supervisor of the specific safety-sensitive position and determined to have received adequate remedial training;

(4) The employee has successfully completed any mandatory training program or retraining, deemed necessary by the RTA prior to return to service; and

(5) At least one half of the imposed period of suspension has elapsed.

B. An employee requesting reinstatement, must do so formally in writing to the MDOT Deputy Secretary of Operations, or designee.

C. The Deputy Secretary of Operations or designee will conduct an evaluation and advise the employee of the determination within 30 calendar days.