.06 Violations.

A. Citations.

(1) The police may issue citations for violations committed under Regulation .04 of this chapter.

(2) A person receiving a citation for a parking violation shall:

(a) Pay for the parking violation; or

(b) Elect to stand trial for the violation.

B. Election to Pay. If the person charged in the citation elects to pay for the parking violation, the person shall pay by mailing a certified check or money order, payable to the Maryland Transportation Authority in the amount stated on the citation, to the Division of Finance, 300 Authority Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21222.

C. Election to Stand Trial.

(1) If the person charged in the citation elects to stand trial, the person shall send a notice of intention to stand trial by mail to the Division of Finance, Maryland Transportation Authority, 300 Authority Drive, Baltimore, Maryland 21222, at least 5 days before the payment due date specified in the citation.

(2) If the person charged desires the officer who issued the citation to be present at the trial, the person shall expressly request so on the notice electing trial that the officer appear.

(3) If the officer's presence is not specifically requested in the notice, the officer need not appear and a copy of the citation bearing a certification of the officer is prima facie evidence of the facts stated in the citation.

(4) If a timely notice to stand trial is received, the Authority shall forward the notice and citation to the District Court, which shall schedule the trial and notify the person charged in the citation of the date, time, and location of the trial.

D. Parking violations resulting in the issuance of citations are subject to the provisions of Transportation Article, Title 26, Subtitle 3, Annotated Code of Maryland, and the procedures adopted by the Chief Judge of the District Court of Maryland.