.05 Removal of Vehicles.

A. At the registered owner's expense, the police may remove or direct removal of the following:

(1) A vehicle in violation of Regulation .04 of this chapter;

(2) A vehicle impeding the movement and handling of cargoes by its position; or

(3) An unattended vehicle.

B. The police may take into custody any vehicle or other object parked or placed in violation of Regulation .04 of this chapter or otherwise parked or placed so as to:

(1) Constitute a hazard to public safety; or

(2) Impede or obstruct the normal movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic on Authority property.

C. The Authority may use its own personnel, equipment, and facilities, or use those of its designee in accordance with COMAR 11.07.03, for the purpose of removing, taking into custody, and storing vehicles.

D. The Authority shall keep accurate records of all vehicles removed, including the reasons for removal, and shall make reasonable attempts to contact vehicle owners to facilitate voluntary removals.

E. Vehicles moved by the Authority pursuant to this regulation shall be handled in accordance with COMAR 11.07.08 and COMAR

F. Abandoned vehicles shall be removed in accordance with Transportation Article, Title 25, Subtitle 2, Annotated Code of Maryland.