.05 Terms and Conditions.

A. The Authority is not liable for and may not reimburse any costs incurred by a proposer, regardless of whether the proposer's vehicle parking facility project proposal is selected.

B. Any information the Authority makes available to a proposer shall be as a convenience to the proposer without representation or warranty of any kind.

C. A proposer may not rely upon oral responses to inquiries. If a proposer has a question regarding this chapter, the proposer shall submit the question in writing to the Executive Director and the Authority shall provide written answers.

D. The Authority reserves the right, at any time, to:

(1) Reject any vehicle parking facility project proposal;

(2) Terminate evaluation of any vehicle parking facility project proposal;

(3) Suspend, discontinue, or terminate vehicle parking facility project agreement negotiations with a proposer;

(4) Request or obtain additional information about a vehicle parking facility project proposal;

(5) Decline to return any fees required of proposers under this chapter; or

(6) Complete a proposed vehicle parking facility project as a public project, using a plan or financial structure different from that proposed by a private entity.

E. The Authority may establish, from time to time, detailed guidelines containing underwriting standards, architectural and engineering review, and other requirements or matters relating to the financing of vehicle parking facility projects.