.09 Fees.

A. General Provisions. The Authority shall enforce this chapter in accordance with law and may charge fees related to the collection of unpaid tolls.

B. Fees established by the Authority are as follows:

(1) Civil Penalty. The civil penalty included in a citation for a toll violation is $25.

(2) E-ZPass Account Maintenance Fee. The monthly E-ZPass account maintenance fee shall be set in accordance with Chapter .05 of this subtitle and will apply to applicable E-ZPass accounts.

(3) Insufficient Funds Fee. An additional fee shall be assessed on all checks returned for insufficient funds and the person shall submit the tolls, any civil penalties due, the returned check fee, and may be subject to subsequent fees by another method of payment, as specified by the Authority.

(4) Transponder. Any person opening an E-ZPass account must purchase a new or previously owned Maryland transponder in accordance with Regulation .03 of this chapter. Prices of transponders vary by make and model and may be found on the E-ZPass application.