.03 E-ZPass Application Process.

A. A person who applies to establish an E-ZPass account with the Authority shall complete an online, voice, or written application, or register a retail-purchased transponder, and provide the requested information to the Authority.

B. The Authority may, in its discretion, deny the E-ZPass application of a person for prior toll violations, in Maryland or any other state; prior speed violations; or for other reasons related to the use of electronic toll collection.

C. A person establishing an E-ZPass account shall agree to comply with the Agreement.

D. A person establishing an E-ZPass account shall purchase at least one transponder or have a pre-owned Maryland transponder.

E. Any payment to an E-ZPass account shall be made by any approved payment method in accordance with the Agreement.

F. E-ZPass Accounts.

(1) The Authority may establish different E-ZPass account types to be selected by the applicant during the E-ZPass application process.

(2) The specific conditions for each E-ZPass account type shall be included in the Agreement.