.04 Zones.

A. Application for Permit.

(1) A towing service company shall file with the Maryland Transportation Authority Police an application for a permit for the Authority property or zone for which the towing service company desires to provide towing, road service, and storage of vehicles.

(2) In order to provide for the highest level of service to the public, it is the intent of the Authority that a qualified towing service company shall be limited to only one Authority property or zone for which it may be issued a permit.

(3) If there are no qualified applicants for adjacent Authority properties or zones, then a permittee may apply for and be issued an additional permit.

B. The Chief of Police or the Chief's designee may, from time to time, delineate the towing permit zones on Authority property. The zones may be published on the Authority's website, and a copy will be made available upon request.

C. The Authority reserves the right to establish additional zones or subzones as it considers appropriate to promote safety, efficiency, economy, and service to the public.