.08 Uses Prohibited.

Unless otherwise authorized, a person may not cause or permit MTA property to be used for any of the following purposes:

A. The storage of refuse containers associated with the use of an adjacent property;

B. Vehicular access to adjacent property;

C. The staging of vehicles, equipment, or materials for construction, maintenance, or repair work on adjacent property;

D. The storage of equipment or materials of any kind;

E. The performance of any service, maintenance, or repair on any motor vehicle parked on the MTA property except for emergency service and repairs necessary for the removal of an inoperable motor vehicle.

F. Parking or storing any motor vehicle in the custody of the management of a garage, repair shop, service facility, or new or used car dealer;

G. Loading or unloading commercial vehicles;

H. Causing, allowing, or conducting student driver training classes or instructions;