.06 Distribution of Printed Matter.

The following guidelines apply to the sale or distribution of printed matter to the general public from vending or distribution machines located upon a MTA facility:

A. A person may not engage in a sale without the prior approval of, and being subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by, the Administrator.

B. A person desiring to place and operate a vending machine for the sale or distribution of printed material to the general public upon MTA stations and premises shall first obtain a written permit from the Administrator or his designee.

C. Permit applications shall be approved on a first-come, first-served basis. The number of permits at any station entrance shall be governed by the area deemed available by the Administrator or the Administrator's designee to accommodate the vending machines, yet preserve the safe, free, and orderly flow of transit and rail patrons' ingress and egress at the MTA station entrances and exits. Vending machines shall be located where designated by the Administrator or the Administrator's designee.

D. Chaining or anchoring of any vending machines to MTA station facilities is not permitted.

E. Vending machines may display signs pertaining only to the publication and may not carry any other advertising messages.

F. To assure maximum use of the available station entrance areas for commercial speech vending machine permits, vending machines shall be not larger than absolutely necessary to accommodate the printed matter to be sold or distributed.

G. Permits shall require that all wrappings, bindings, and similar materials peculiar to the vending operation be collected and removed by the person carrying out the vending activity.

H. Permits shall require that vending machines be kept and maintained in a neat and clean condition by the permittee.

I. Permits may be revoked for noncompliance with or any violation of this regulation.

J. MTA assumes no liability or responsibility of any nature for damage, destruction, loss, or theft of the vending machines, including the contents of them.

K. Permits, to be valid, shall be:

(1) Signed by the permittee and the MTA; and

(2) On a month-to-month basis, subject to cancellation or revocation, upon cause and written notice.