.03 Free Speech Activity.

A. A person desiring to have a group of individuals engage in free speech activity on, in, or within an MTA facility shall notify the MTA Office of Customer Information of the intent to do so at least 5 weekdays in advance of the event to permit MTA ample time to ensure availability of free space, and allocate sufficient resources to maintain efficient operations.

B. Notification of the intent to conduct a free speech activity in, on or within an MTA facility shall be submitted to the MTA Office of Customer Information on a form prescribed by the Administrator. The form shall be available at www.mta.maryland.gov or obtained from the MTA Office of Customer Information. The form shall be submitted online or sent to the MTA Office of Customer Information at 6 St. Paul Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21202. Each notification shall include:

(1) The full name, mailing address, and telephone number of the persons:

(a) Sponsoring, promoting, or conducting the proposed activities; and

(b) Supervising and responsible for the proposed activity;

(2) If the persons engaging in free speech activities are doing so on behalf of an organization, the name of that organization;

(3) If the group is an organization which is required to have a resident agent in Maryland, the name of resident agent in Maryland;

(4) A description of the proposed activities indicating the method of communication to be involved;

(5) The locations, dates, and times of the intended activity;

(6) The number of persons anticipated to be engaged in the activities at each MTA facility sought to be used; and

(7) The specific MTA service or facility sought to be used for the planned free speech activity.

C. Within 3 weekdays from receipt of a notification of intent to conduct a free speech activity, the MTA Office of Customer Information shall contact the person making the notification and inform the person whether there are any conflicts with other events or users for the free area.

D. Limitations.

(1) Free speech activity may only be exercised in free areas in the MTA facility identified in the notification.

(2) Free speech activity may only occur during times the MTA facility is open to the general public.

(3) In conducting a free speech activity at, on, or in an MTA facility, a person may not:

(a) Erect a table, chair, booth, or other structure;

(b) Distribute food, drink, or tobacco products;

(c) Post any commercial signs, advertisements, circulars, or printed material;

(d) Carry any signs or placards that are more than 18'' by 18'' or are affixed to a pole;

(e) Affix any material to any part of the MTA facility including its fixtures and temporary structures; or

(f) Permit leaflets or other printed material to be left unattended.

(4) Persons engaged in free speech activity may not intentionally touch or make physical contact with another person unless that other person has consented to physical contact.