.07 Vehicles.

A. Vehicles on WTC Property shall be operated in a safe and careful manner, complying with directions of the MPA, the MdTA Police, and posted signs.

B. Vehicles may not:

(1) Block or obstruct entrances, driveways, walks, or loading dock;

(2) Be parked in unauthorized locations, or in locations reserved for other persons;

(3) Be parked in the WTC parking areas or loading dock unless authorized by the MPA.

C. Vehicles, including motor vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, skate boards, and bicycles, may not be operated on parts of WTC Property, WTC Plaza, and WTC Arcade unless authorized by the MPA or the MdTA Police.

D. The MdTA Police may issue permits or otherwise authorize vehicles to be parked in areas or for periods of time not otherwise permitted by this regulation.

E. Driving or parking is not allowed on the WTC Plaza without written authorization from the MPA. This authorization shall be granted sparingly.