.06 Preservation of Property.

A. A person may not:

(1) Climb upon, damage, deface, destroy, disturb, harm, injure, remove, tamper with, or throw objects at or from any building, detection device, equipment, fixture, flower, improvement, marker, monitor, shrubbery, sign, structure, trees, or vegetation on WTC Property, unless authorized to do so by the MPA.

(2) Willfully abandon any personal property on WTC Property.

(3) Dump, deposit, throw, or leave, or cause or permit the dumping, depositing, placing, throwing, or leaving of litter on WTC Property, unless the litter is placed into a litter receptacle or container. The word "litter" means all rubbish, waste material, refuse, garbage, trash, debris, dead animals, or other discarded materials of every kind and description.

(4) Post, affix, or attach in any way any pamphlets, posters, handbills, signs, notices, or advertisements in or on any building, equipment, fixture, improvement, sign, structure, trees, or vehicles on WTC Property, unless authorized to do so by the MPA.

B. A person who violates this regulation, in addition to any other penalties prescribed in this chapter, shall be liable for any loss or damages to real or personal property caused by the violation.