.05 Fire Safety.

A. In the event of a fire emergency or a fire drill, those on WTC Property shall obey the instructions of the MdTA Police, the MPA, and the responding authority.

B. Use of the elevators during a fire emergency or fire drill is prohibited, except when directed by the Baltimore City Fire Department.

C. A person may not tamper or interfere with fire-fighting equipment or fire-alarm systems, including detection and monitoring devices.

D. The MPA shall:

(1) Post evacuation routes;

(2) Provide copies of emergency procedures for fire wardens and assistants;

(3) Train fire wardens;

(4) Conduct periodic fire drills; and

(5) Make available a copy of the WTC Emergency Procedures upon request or on the MPA's internet website at www.marylandports.com.

E. WTC tenants shall:

(1) Appoint fire wardens;

(2) Identify to the MPA and the MdTA Police the names of any individuals who need special assistance; and

(3) Adhere to all MPA and MdTA Police requirements associated with emergency procedures and evacuations.