.09 Removal of Motor Vehicles.

A. Records.

(1) The MdTA Police shall keep accurate records of all removals of motor vehicles, including the reasons for removal, and shall make reasonable attempts to contact vehicle owners to ensure voluntary removals. Motor vehicles moved by the MdTA Police shall be handled in accordance with Transportation Article, Title 25, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(2) A facility operator other than the MPA that removes a motor vehicle from a facility shall notify the MdTA Police of the:

(a) Date and time of removal;

(b) Description of the vehicle; and

(c) Location to which the vehicle was removed.

B. The MdTA Police may remove a motor vehicle from a facility or to another part of the property if the MPA has jurisdiction under Regulation .05A of this chapter and the vehicle is:

(1) Unattended near an occupied building or cargo area, within 10 feet of a perimeter fence, or in another area where the vehicle causes or is likely to cause a safety or security risk;

(2) Illegally parked as to obstruct traffic;

(3) Causing or likely to cause a hazard to the health or safety of individuals on MPA property;

(4) Obstructing motor vehicle traffic;

(5) Impeding the movement and handling of cargoes by its position; or

(6) Abandoned on the facility property as provided in Transportation Article, §25-201, Annotated Code of Maryland.