.05 Parking on MPA Property.

A. Jurisdiction.

(1) Except as provided in §A(2) of this regulation, the MPA has jurisdiction to enforce all parking regulations on MPA property.

(2) The MPA may, by contract, limit the scope of its authority under this regulation in any area leased by the MPA.

B. Permitted Areas. Motor vehicles displaying valid port admission decals or passes may be parked only in those parking areas designated by the MPA and MdTA Police. A motor vehicle parked in an area not designated for parking or failing to display a proper permit is in violation of this chapter.

C. Restrictions.

(1) Except when permitted by official signs, or when permitted by a member of the MdTA Police or required by a traffic control device, motor vehicles may not be parked, be permitted to stand, or be left unattended:

(a) In front of, across, or blocking any driveway, gate, doorway, pier, berth apron, loading platform, handicapped ramp, or cargo handling area, or upon any berth;

(b) Within 15 feet of any fire hydrant, standpipe, or sprinkler connection;

(c) On any sidewalk or in any crosswalk;

(d) Within 15 feet of any intersection, or within any intersection or any portion of the roadway, except where portions of a roadway may be designated for parking;

(e) Within 20 feet of the driveway entrance to a shed or warehouse, or inside a shed;

(f) Within 50 feet of the nearest rail or railroad, except on designated parking areas;

(g) In an area where the curb is painted yellow or in an area where a prohibition is indicated by posting of other markings placed under the authority of the MPA;

(h) On the roadway side of any motor vehicle stopped or parked at the edge of the roadway;

(i) On the roadway where parking is otherwise permitted but where any part of the nearest side of the motor vehicle parked is in excess of 12 inches from the nearest curb, side, or edge of the roadway;

(j) In such a way as to obstruct traffic;

(k) In such a way as to cause or be likely to cause a hazard to the health or safety of individuals on MPA property;

(l) In any designated handicapped parking space without displaying a handicapped registration plate or placard; or

(m) In any other area where parking or leaving a vehicle standing or unattended is not specifically authorized.

(2) Special mobile equipment is subject to the same parking restrictions as motor vehicles under §C(1) of this regulation, except when actually involved in loading or unloading cargoes.

(3) Parking in Lined Areas. When parking or stopping a motor vehicle in any lined parking area, the motor vehicle may not occupy more than one lined space.