.08 Miscellaneous Conditions.

A. The original permit issued shall be presented by the driver immediately upon demand of a police officer or members of the Unit.

B. The permit vehicle and load may not exceed the vehicle limits for size allowed by Transportation Article, Title 24, Annotated Code of Maryland, except those weight limits from which the permit authorizes departure.

C. Documentation to verify that cargo is manifested international freight shall be presented upon demand of a police officer or member of the Unit.

D. The permit vehicle shall adhere to the maximum speed limit specified on the permit.

E. Travel is permitted only on the designated route. No deviations from the designated route are permitted.

F. Travel upon culverts, bridges, or other structures in violation of a sign posted vehicle weight restriction is prohibited.

G. Continuous travel is allowed except for designated holiday restriction periods or as otherwise determined by the Unit.

H. The permit vehicle may travel permitted routes on a 24-hour basis unless the permit restricts the hours of travel.

I. A permittee shall comply with all restrictions attached to the permit as well as any hauling permit restrictions posted on the Motor Carrier Division and CHART websites found at www.marylandroads.com. It is the responsibility of the permittee to review these websites for current hauling permit restrictions prior to any move being made under authority of this permit.