.03 Determination of Vehicle Eligibility.

A. A six-axle truck tractor-intermodal semitrailer combination of vehicles carrying manifested international freight as the only load of the vehicle in a single sealed, seagoing container may be eligible if the vehicle does not exceed the following maximum weight and axle spacing limits:

(1) 22,400 pounds on a single axle;

(2) 44,000 pounds on two consecutive axles at least 4 feet apart;

(3) 60,000 pounds on a tri-axle configuration more than 8 feet apart between the first and last axles of the grouping; and

(4) A total gross weight of 100,000 pounds for the vehicle and load.

B. Tire manufacturer ratings may not be exceeded.

C. The intermodal trailer chassis shall have a distance of no less than 36 feet when measured from the kingpin to the center of the rearmost trailer axle.

D. No load tolerance for gross weight or axle weights shall be applied.