.04 Vendor Lease.

A. A mobile seafood or produce vendor lease shall be developed by the Administration.

B. The earliest effective date of a lease shall be May 1 of each year and, subject to §C of this regulation, may be renewed monthly for the length of the produce or seafood season.

C. No lease shall extend past November 30 of each year.

D. A mobile seafood or produce vendor lease shall require rent based on the fair-market value of the property on which the mobile seafood or produce vendor is located.

E. The Administration may terminate a lease immediately for any of the following reasons:

(1) Failure to comply with federal, State, or local laws;

(2) Failure to pay rent as indicated in the lease;

(3) Emergency or unforeseen roadway maintenance, construction, drainage or other work serving a public interest, as determined by the Administration, is needed;

(4) A substantial change in the characteristics of traffic in the vicinity of the site;

(5) Failure to submit to routine inspections or comply with findings of inspections;

(6) Failure to control litter or debris; or

(7) Failure to maintain site distance requirements.