.03 Application for Vendor Lease.

A. An applicant for a mobile seafood or produce vendor lease shall submit an application in writing to the appropriate District. The addresses and phone numbers for the Districts may be found on the Administrationís website at www.roads.maryland.gov.

B. The applicant shall submit a non-refundable application fee that is determined by the Administration.

C. The Administration shall determine the period of time prior to the anticipated date of operations that an application is due.

D. The application shall include the following information:

(1) The mobile seafood or produce vendorís name, contact information, tax ID and/or business ID number and the products to be offered for sale;

(2) A vicinity map showing the location of the proposed site;

(3) A detailed sketch showing the layout of the proposed site;

(4) A copy or verification of the County permit allowing the mobile seafood or produce vendor to operate within the jurisdiction;

(5) Proof of insurance in the amount of $1 million for each incident;

(6) Proof of a surety bond or other documentation acceptable to Administration in the amount of $5,000 that allows the Administration to recoup any costs associated with damages to the site; and

(7) Anticipated hours of operation within limits established by the Administration.

E. The Administration may not approve a lease application for a mobile seafood or produce vendor site that:

(1) Is located:

(a) On a highway with a posted speed limit of more than 45 miles per hour;

(b) On a highway with a posted speed limit of more than 35 miles per hour unless there is identified parking off the roadway and shoulder;

(c) On a controlled-access or partially controlled-access highway;

(d) On an Interstate highway; or

(e) On any bridge or overpass;

(2) Reduces sight distance along the highway; or

(3) Creates an unsafe condition as determined by the Administration.