.01 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) “Administration” means the State Highway Administration.

(2) “District” means one of the Administration’s seven operational offices located throughout the State.

(3) “Established place of business” means any permanent building or structure from which a permanent business is conducted during normal business hours throughout the year.

(4) “Mobile seafood or produce vendor” means a person who sells or offers for sale any seafood or produce:

(a) While on foot;

(b) From any vehicle or conveyance, whether or not the vehicle or conveyance is in operating condition; or

(c) From any tent, temporary stand, roadside stand, roadside market, or other quarters that is not an established place of business.

(5) “Produce” means any fruit or vegetable product of the soil that is intended for human consumption.

(6) “Produce” does not include a canned, frozen, dried, or pickled product.

(7) “Right–of–way” means any highway area or highway structure and any property adjacent to a highway acquired for the operation or use of the highway.

(8) “Seafood” means any finfish, crustacean, or mollusk, live or dead, or any part, egg, offspring, or body of any finfish, crustacean, or mollusk, that is intended for human consumption.

(9) “State highway” means any public highway owned by this State.