.01 Definitions.

A. In this chapter, the following terms have the meanings indicated.

B. Terms Defined.

(1) "Local police department" means:

(a) The police department of any municipal corporation;

(b) The police department of any county; and

(c) The sheriff's department of any county that has highway traffic patrol responsibilities.

(2) "Owner" means the registered owner of a motor vehicle or a lessee of a motor vehicle under a lease of 6 months or longer.

(3) "Recorded image" means an image recorded by a work zone speed control system:

(a) On:

(i) A photograph;

(ii) A microphotograph;

(iii) An electronic image;

(iv) Videotape; or

(v) Any other medium; and

(b) Showing:

(i) The rear of a motor vehicle;

(ii) At least two timed-stamped images of the motor vehicle that include the same stationary object near the motor vehicle; and

(iii) On at least one image or portion of tape, a clear and legible identification of the entire registration plate number of the motor vehicle.

(4) "State police department" means the Department of State Police and the Maryland Transportation Authority Police.

(5) "Work zone" means a segment of a highway:

(a) That is identified as a temporary traffic control zone by traffic control devices that are placed or installed in general conformance with the State manual and specifications adopted for a uniform system of traffic control devices; and

(b) Where highway construction, repair, maintenance, utility work, or related activity, including the placement, installation, maintenance, or removal of a work zone traffic control device, is being performed regardless of whether workers are present.

(6) "Work zone speed control system" means a device having one or more motor vehicle sensors connected to a camera system capable of producing recorded images of motor vehicles traveling at or above a predetermined speed in or approaching a work zone.

(7) "Work zone speed control system operator" means an individual who has been trained and certified to operate a work zone speed control system and who is:

(a) A police officer;

(b) A representative of a local police department;

(c) A representative of a State police department; or

(d) A State Highway Administration contractor.