.12 Costs and Damages for which Permittee is Responsible.

A. The permittee is responsible for payment of each of the following items:

(1) All damage that the vehicle causes, either directly or indirectly, to any road surface, bridge, signs, or other structure, whether maintained by the Administration or by another entity;

(2) The cost of all correspondence, whether telephonic or written, made in connection with the permit;

(3) Any additional expense incurred by the Administration in connection with the permit or the movement authorized by the permit.

B. The Administration shall repair or correct all damage caused to any property owned by or maintained by it and shall collect the expense of the repairs or corrections from the permittee. This includes but is not limited to road surfaces, approaches, embankments, drainage areas, ditches, bridges, signs, structures of any kind, and other property not specifically listed.