.03 Determination of an Indivisible Load.

A truck tractor-semitrailer combination of vehicles carrying manifested international freight as the only load of the vehicle in a sealed, seagoing container on a semitrailer is deemed to be carrying an indivisible load if:

A. The vehicle does not exceed the following maximum gross vehicle weight or axle weight limits:

(1) 22,400 pounds on a single axle;

(2) 44,000 pounds on 2 consecutive axles at least 4 feet apart; or

(3) 90,000 pounds gross vehicle weight; and

B. The maximum allowable gross weight limit is 80,000 pounds for a 20-foot container loaded on a 20-foot intermodal chassis, 90,000 pounds for a 20-foot container loaded on a 40-foot or longer intermodal chassis, and 90,000 pounds for a 40-foot container, provided that the:

(1) Vehicle is being operated only on the routes specified under Regulation .04 of this chapter, and other routes approved by the Unit and described in the permit;

(2) Vehicle is being operated in compliance with the permit issued under these regulations; and

(3) Original permit issued to the appropriate permittee is being carried in the vehicle.