.03 Junkyard License.

The following regulations govern the Section in licensing existing and new junkyards under Transportation Article, Title 8, Subtitle 8, Annotated Code of Maryland:

A. Application.

(1) An applicant for an initial or renewed junkyard license shall apply on a form furnished by the Section.

(2) Signature. The applicant or his duly authorized agent shall sign the application form.

(3) Attachments. The applicant shall attach to the completed application form all of the following:

(a) Plan drawings of the proposed new junkyard or addition to an existing junkyard, prepared on a scale no smaller than 50 feet = 1 inch, showing the following:

(i) The boundary lines of the proposed new junkyard or addition to the existing junkyard, the center line and the right-of-way lines to any interstate or primary highway in the vicinity, and the distances between the proposed junkyard or addition and the highway at appropriate points, and

(ii) The location and details of any proposed screening;

(b) A general location map;

(c) A permit or certificate from any local authority that has jurisdiction over the area where the junkyard is located and that has passed any zoning law or ordinance for the area, approving the location of the proposed junkyard or addition and indicating the zoning of that location.

(4) Approval for Expansion of Licensed Junkyard. A person proposing to expand a previously licensed junkyard need not submit the application form mentioned in this section, or the license fee mentioned in §C, of this regulation, but he shall submit the information specified in §A(3), of this regulation.

B. Preliminary Submission. An applicant may, with the approval of the Section, submit a basic plan or concept for review and comment, before submitting a formal application and plan drawings.

C. License Fee.

(1) An applicant for an initial or renewed junkyard license shall submit with his application a license fee in the amount stated below.

(2) Annual Fee. The annual fee for an initial or renewed junkyard license is $100.

(3) License Year. The license year extends from January 1 through the following December 31. Every license expires at the end of the license year.

(4) Proration of Fee.

(a) If an initial license is issued in any month after January, the Section shall prorate the license fee.

(b) The Section may not prorate the fee for a renewed license.

(c) Prorated fees for initial licenses issued after January 31 are indicated in the following table.

Month License Issued Fee
February $91.67
March 83.33
April 75.00
May 66.67
June 58.33
July 50.00
August 41.67
September 33.33
October 25.00
November 16.67
December 8.33

(5) Refund of Fee on Denial of Application. If a the Section denies an application for an initial or renewed license, it shall return the license fee and all application attachments to the applicant, together with a statement of reasons for the denial.

(6) Exemption. A State, county, municipal, or public organization or agency applying for an initial or renewed license is exempt from the requirement of a license fee, but is subject to all other requirements imposed by this chapter, or by State laws dealing with the licensing and control of junkyards.

(7) No refund If License Revoked. The Section may not refund any part of the license fee upon revocation of a license.

D. Revocation of License. If a junkyard license is issued or renewed on the basis that the junkyard is screened so as not to be visible from the main traveled way of any existing interstate or primary highway, the Section shall revoke the license if it subsequently determines that screening fails for any reason to effectively block the view of the junkyard from the main traveled way of that interstate or primary highway. Before the Section revokes a license, it shall notify the owner or operator of the junkyard and give him a reasonable opportunity to correct any deficiencies in screening.