.07 Special Vehicle Permit.

A. Controlled Movement.

(1) In exceptional cases, the Unit may issue a special vehicle permit for the controlled movement of a special vehicle.

(2) A special vehicle permit authorizes the vehicle to make a single one-way trip between the points of origin and destination specified, and only over those routes designated on the permit.

(3) Special vehicle permits may not allow the regular or continuous movement of a special vehicle.

B. A permit issued under this regulation for a vehicle which exceeds 27,000 pounds per axle but is less than or equal to 30,000 pounds per axle shall comply with COMAR

C. A special vehicle shall display a valid registration plate issued by its state of origin. If the special vehicle is of a type not subject to registration, the special vehicle shall be identified by its vehicle identification number (V.I.N) or other unique number, as approved by the Unit.

D. To obtain a special vehicle permit, the applicant shall submit the originally signed written application, facsimile, or electronic copy of the application on a form and in the manner prescribed by the Unit with:

(1) A complete description of the vehicle;

(2) An explanation of the purpose for traveling highways in the State; and

(3) Any other information considered necessary by the Unit.

E. Procedures and limitations for special vehicle permits, unless otherwise noted, will follow the procedures and limitations established for special hauling permits under COMAR 11.04.01—11.04.04.