.04 Book Permits.

A. The Unit may issue books of permits. Each book contains ten single trip book permits.

B. A permit issued under this regulation for a vehicle which exceeds 27,000 pounds per axle but is less than or equal to 30,000 pounds per axle shall comply with COMAR

C. One book permit shall be used for each movement of a qualified vehicle between the points and over the route designated on the permit. It also authorizes the return of an empty oversize vehicle to its starting place if the empty vehicle does not exceed the weight limits imposed by the laws of Maryland.

D. Qualifications.

(1) A vehicle and its load or special mobile equipment may not exceed:

(a) A gross vehicle weight of 45 tons (90,000 pounds);

(b) Overall dimensions of 85 feet in length, 13 feet in width, or 15 feet in height; and

(c) A single axle weight of 27,000 pounds.

(2) A vehicle traveling under a book permit shall be:

(a) Properly registered in Maryland; or

(b) Special mobile equipment displaying a special mobile equipment plate issued by the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland.

E. Procedures.

(1) Before any movement may be made under any book permit, the permittee shall complete each of the following steps:

(a) Advise the Unit of the date on which the permittee or another user authorized by the permittee proposes to move the vehicle and the specific route the permittee or the other user proposes to take;

(b) Obtain approval of the date and route and a route verification number from the Unit; and

(c) Enter the period of validity of the permit, the approved route, and the route verification number on the original and permittee's copy of the permit.

(2) The permittee or other user of a book permit shall carry the original (not a copy) of the permit on the vehicle. The permittee shall keep a copy of the book permit among his records until every permit in the book has been used.

(3) The Unit may not issue additional books of permits to a permittee if the records of the Unit show that the permittee has outstanding and unused more than two books of permits.

(4) A book of permits is valid for 2 years from its date of issuance.

(5) A permittee shall comply with all restrictions attached to the permit as well as any hauling permit restrictions posted on the Motor Carrier Division and Chart websites found at www.marylandroads.com. It is the responsibility of the Permittee to review these websites for current hauling permit restrictions prior to any move being made under the authority of the permit.

(6) A permittee shall notify the appropriate Maryland Transportation Authority facility at least 1 hour before using the facility.