.03 Blanket Hauling Permit.

A. Except as provided for in §E of this regulation, a blanket hauling permit may not be issued or used when a load can be dismantled or disassembled in such a way that moves can be made within the size and weight limits imposed by the laws of Maryland.

B. A permit issued under this regulation for a vehicle which exceeds 27,000 pounds per axle but is less than or equal to 30,000 pounds per axle shall comply with COMAR

C. Size.

(1) A blanket hauling permit may be issued for a single oversize vehicle with overall dimensions which may not exceed 75 feet in length, 12 feet in width, or 14 feet in height.

(2) The oversize vehicle shall be either:

(a) Special mobile equipment as defined in Transportation Article, §11-159, Annotated Code of Maryland; or

(b) A vehicle properly registered and carrying an oversize load or traveling empty to or from carrying an oversize load.

D. Weight of Special Mobile Equipment.

(1) A blanket hauling permit may be issued for a single overweight vehicle which is special mobile equipment.

(2) The overweight special mobile equipment may not exceed:

(a) A gross vehicle weight of 45 tons (90,000 pounds) including all tolerances; and

(b) A single axle weight of 27,000 pounds.

E. Repealed.

F. Repealed.

G. Procedures.

(1) To obtain a blanket hauling permit, the applicant shall submit an originally signed completed application on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Unit to the Hauling Permits Unit, Motor Carrier Division, Office of Traffic and Safety, State Highway Administration, 7491 Connelly Drive, Hanover, Maryland 21076.

(2) The application shall include the:

(a) Name of the applicant;

(b) Address and telephone number of the applicant;

(c) Name of a contact person;

(d) Name of the applicant's insurance company;

(e) Make, year, model, license tag number, and state of issuance of the license tag;

(f) Manufacturer's gross vehicle weight rating of the vehicle; and

(g) Requested starting date of the permit.

(3) In addition to other information required by §G(2) of this regulation, applications for self-propelled special mobile equipment shall include a serial number, identification number, or other similar information specifically identifying the unit of special mobile equipment for which the permit is requested.

(4) Except for permits issued under §§E and F of this regulation, the Unit may issue a blanket hauling permit that is valid for 30 days or for 1 year.

(5) The Unit shall complete all blanks on the face of a blanket hauling permit before issuing the permit.

(6) The permittee or user of a blanket hauling permit shall carry the original (not a copy) of the permit on the vehicle for which it was issued when moving the vehicle on a highway in the State.

(7) A person may move a vehicle for which a blanket hauling permit has been issued on any highway under the jurisdiction of the Administration, during the period for which the permit is effective, without reporting any move to the Administration.

(8) The person may not move a vehicle across a bridge when the gross vehicle weight or axle weight exceeds posted bridge limitations.

(9) A permittee shall comply with all restrictions attached to the permit as well as any hauling permit restrictions posted on the Motor Carrier Division and Chart websites found at www.marylandroads.com. It is the responsibility of the permittee to review these websites for current hauling permit restrictions prior to any move being made under the authority of the permit.