.04 Performance Standards for Traffic Control Officers.

A traffic control officer shall:

A. Act in a manner to bring credit both to the position of traffic control officer and the Administration;

B. Act in a reasonable manner so as to avoid any confrontation which may lead to personal injury or embarrassment to the Administration;

C. Keep abreast of changes to aspects of the law, regulations, and policies which impact on the traffic control officer's duties;

D. Strictly adhere to and enforce the Airport's security plan;

E. Assist law enforcement officers when requested in security matters so as to ensure the safety of the public, employees, and airport property;

F. Safeguard, maintain, and clean all equipment, uniforms, and accessories which are issued;

G. Be considered in a sensitive classification and be subject to the substance abuse policy of the Administration; and

H. Observe all State laws and personnel policies and regulations applicable to Administration employees.