.01 Airport Facility Improvements in Maryland.

A. An effective air transportation system is essential to the continued economic health of the State of Maryland and is crucial to the success of any efforts to attract new industry and commerce.

B. The key element of an effective air transportation system is sufficient, strategically placed airports that provide safe entry into, and exit from, the airspace above Maryland for the scheduled air carriers, the operators of corporate and privately registered aircraft within the State, and transient aircraft traversing the State for business and recreational purposes.

C. The predominant portion of airports upon which the State relies to accommodate the needs of the general public are privately owned and ineligible for federal assistance in the form of tax support grant programs.

D. The Administration is empowered by law to make grants and loans for equipment, improvements, and the rehabilitation of facilities at those airports serving the public and that are deemed to be essential to the air transportation system of the State.