.05 Prohibited Activity.

Except as permitted by Regulations .07 and .08 of this chapter, a person may not, within any airport zoning district created by this chapter:

A. Build any structure, permit any structure to be built, or maintain any personalty to a height that would be a hazard to air navigation under the standards stated in COMAR;

B. Substantially alter any existing structure or change the use of land;

C. Permit any use of land that is prohibited by Regulation .06 of this chapter;

D. As to any vegetation:

(1) Plant, replant, or allow any vegetation to grow to such a height as to be an airport hazard, or

(2) Allow any vegetation that is an existing airport hazard to grow any higher;

E. Within the airport zoning district for Baltimore/Washington International Airport:

(1) Establish or construct any new structure;

(2) Make any new use of any existing structure or land; or

(3) Erect, use, or permit to be used a crane or other construction equipment higher than 10 feet above ground level;

F. Build any structure, locate any personalty, or conduct any activity that would result in a frequent or significant congregation of people in any designated runway protection zone.