.12 Inspections and Enforcement.

A. Inspections. An applicant for, or a holder of, an airport license, airport registration, or site approval shall offer full cooperation to any authorized representative of the Administration inspecting the airport or proposed airport site. The Administration is entitled to immediate access to the lands, buildings, equipment, and operating records of a licensed airport, registered airport, or approved site.

B. Enforcement.

(1) Violations. Any person violating any of these regulations may be punished under the provisions of the Transportation Article, §§5-1101—5-1105, Annotated Code of Maryland, in addition to any other penalties provided by law.

(2) Order Closing Unapproved Facilities. The Administration may order the closing of any airport or landing field or order any air school, air beacon, or other air navigation facility to stop operating until the requirements of the Administration are met (authority: Transportation Article, §§5-210 and 5-304(e)(1), Annotated Code of Maryland).

(3) Injunctive Relief. The Administration may, in the name of the State, enforce these regulations and orders issued under them by injunction or other legal process in the courts of Maryland (authority: Transportation Article, §5-1103, Annotated Code of Maryland).

(4) Appeals. Any person adversely affected by these regulations or orders issued under them may appeal according to the procedures for review set forth in the Administrative Procedure Act. Reference: Transportation Article, §5-304(e)(1), Annotated Code of Maryland.