.04 Aircraft Operation.

A. Licensed Airports. Except in emergency situations, a person may not conduct any aircraft operations at a licensed airport other than those in conformity with the airport traffic pattern, ground traffic rules, and noise abatement procedures developed by the airport manager.

B. Public Property.

(1) Public Property: Commercial Operation. Aircraft may not be operated commercially from any public land or water owned or controlled by the State unless the landing area has been approved by the Administration.

(2) Public Land: Noncommercial Operation.

(a) State Land. Aircraft may not operate from any State land unless prior approval is obtained from the Administration.

(b) Other Public Land. Aircraft may not be operated from any public land, not owned or controlled by the State, unless prior approval is obtained from the political subdivision owning or controlling the land.

(3) Public Waters: Noncommercial Operation.

(a) Except as specifically restricted in this regulation, public waters controlled by the State are available for noncommercial seaplane use.

(b) Seaplanes may not take-off and land on the designated portions of the following bodies of water:

(i) Chester River ------ Rock Hall Harbor Queenstown Creek Winchester Creek.

(ii) Deal (Herring Bay)- Rockhold Creek from the entrance Buoy Fl. R "2" to the headwaters.

(iii) Choptank River --- Knapp Narrows Buoy Fl. R "4" to Fl. R "6".

(iv) Tred Avon River --- Oxford Harbor.

(v) Wicomico River ----- From lighted beacon "57" at Harbor Point to head of the Wicomico River and tributaries thereof.

(vi) Crisfield Harbor -- From the entrance to the headwaters of Somers Cove.

(vii) Patuxent River --- Solomons Island Harbor from the entrance Buoy N "4" and all tributaries thereof.

(viii) Potomac River --- St. Patricks Creek (1.3 miles north of northern tip of St. Clements Island) from day-markers "3" and "4" to the headwaters, including tributaries thereof.
St. Catherines Sound--White Neck Creek from White Neck Pt. to headwaters and all tributaries thereof.
Cobb Island—Neale Sound, beginning at the eastern entrance Buoy Fl. R 4 sec "2" extending through the entire sound and its tributaries to Fl. 4 sec "72" on the western end.

(c) Unless prior written permission is obtained from the Secretary of Natural Resources and the Pennsylvania Power and Electric Co., seaplane operations may not be conducted on Deep Creek Lake in Garrett County.

(d) Seaplanes may not operate from bodies of water controlled by political subdivisions without the prior approval of the appropriate political subdivision.

(e) The following bodies of water are controlled by political subdivisions:

(i) Loch Raven Reservoir;

(ii) Pretty Boy Reservoir;

(iii) Liberty Reservoir;

(iv) Triadelphia Reservoir;

(v) Rocky Gorge Reservoir;

(vi) Rocky Gap Reservoir Cumberland;

(vii) Savage River Reservoir Bloomington;

(viii) Youghiogheny Lake—Selbyport/Friendsville Maryland/Pennsylvania.