.08 Airport Security.

A. Restricted Areas. A person may not enter any part of the air operations area or any other restricted area so established or posted at the Airport, except:

(1) Persons assigned to duty or transacting business there;

(2) Crew members, and passengers under appropriate supervision of a crew member, who enter the aircraft apron for the purpose of enplaning or deplaning an aircraft;

(3) An authorized representative of the State, the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Maryland Aviation Administration, or of any other governmental department or agency having proper business there;

(4) An Airport tenant or invitee of an Airport tenant in a leasehold area.

B. Security Regulations.

(1) A person may not tamper or interfere with the lock or closing mechanism of any door, window, gate, or other opening leading to the air operations area or any other restricted area at the Airport.

(2) A person may not breach any other security regulation in effect at the Airport, except under emergency conditions.

C. Weapons.

(1) A person may not carry or transport a weapon at the Airport, unless the weapon is properly packaged for shipment, except the following:

(a) Law enforcement officers of the federal government, of the State, its political subdivisions, and of the Maryland Aviation Administration and any other State agency, if weapons are required in the performance of their duties;

(b) Enplaning and deplaning passengers authorized by 49 CFR §1544.219 to carry weapons aboard aircraft;

(c) Uniformed employees of licensed security or armored transport services under contract to any tenant of the Airport, when actually transporting monies or valuables or performing assigned duties;

(d) Authorized members of the Maryland Air National Guard;

(e) Those persons authorized to wear or carry handguns, or declared exempt, pursuant to Article 27, §36E, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(2) A person may not discharge any weapon at the Airport except in the performance of official duties requiring the discharge or in the lawful defense of life or property.

(3) A person may not discharge any weapon at or near the Airport in such a manner as to cause interference with the safe taking off or landing of any aircraft.