.04-1 Control of Landside Traffic.

A. Governing Law. Motor vehicle operators using the public streets, ramps, roads, and highways on the Airport shall comply with the Transportation Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. General Parking Regulations.

(1) Parking or standing is prohibited on all Airport roads, except in designated parking areas.

(2) An individual may not park a motor vehicle or load or unload a motor vehicle at the Airport in violation of any posted parking sign or other traffic regulation, or in such a manner as to obstruct the free movement of traffic.

(3) Motor vehicles shall be parked in one space only within areas that have marked spaces and lanes. Each motor vehicle shall leave clear access to adjacent spaces and may not block driving lanes or create a hazard for other drivers.

(4) A motor vehicle may not enter any area that is closed to vehicular traffic by the use of barricades or other traffic control devices.

(5) Leaving a motor vehicle unattended in front of the terminal building is prohibited.

(6) An individual may not abandon a motor vehicle at the Airport.

(7) An individual operating a motor vehicle at the Airport shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a marked pedestrian crosswalk.

(8) An individual may not park a motor vehicle in a marked pedestrian crosswalk.

(9) Airport tenants are responsible for the prompt removal of abandoned motor vehicles from their leased premises, at the owner's expense.

(10) The Administration shall remove, at the owner's expense, any vehicle which remains parked in a limited duration parking space for a period of time which exceeds the posted time limit.

(11) The Administration may fine violators of posted signs and parking regulations adopted under Transportation Article, §§5-426 and 5-427, Annotated Code of Maryland, not to exceed $50.

(12) In addition to these general regulations, the Airport Director may further regulate parking by posting signs or notices. Parking in violation of any sign or notice is prohibited.

(13) The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Lack of space is no excuse for violation of these regulations.

C. Taxicabs.

(1) Taxicabs shall stand or wait only in designated or approved areas at the Airport and the operator shall remain with the taxicab.

(2) An individual operating a taxicab at the Airport may not block or interfere with the free passage of pedestrians or vehicular traffic to and from the Airport buildings.

(3) An individual may not operate a taxicab at the Airport unless the individual prominently displays within the taxicab a taxicab-driver identification license permit containing a recent discernible photograph of the driver and the telephone number of the taxicab franchise operator, the assigned taxicab number, and the driver's identification number.

D. Rental Cars.

(1) An individual may not conduct or engage in the business of renting motor vehicles on the Airport without a written contract with the Administration, except, however, a car rental company without a written contract may deliver customers to the Airport and meet prereserved customers at the Airport. Nothing in this regulation is to be construed to prevent delivery of previously reserved rental cars for arriving passengers. Evidence of previous reservation may be requested by any law enforcement officer or authorized representative of the Administration.

(2) An individual other than representatives of rental car agencies holding contracts with the Administration may not, within the boundaries of the Airport, solicit passengers for the rental of motor vehicles.

(3) Parking spaces assigned to car rental companies under written contract with the Administration shall be designated and appropriately marked. These parking spaces shall be used only to park rental cars ready for delivery to customers and for temporarily parked cars being returned by customers. Unauthorized parked motor vehicles, including those that are owned by these car rental companies, shall be cited according to the other provisions of these regulations governing vehicular traffic.

E. Operations of Motor Vehicles for Hire.

(1) An individual operating a motor vehicle to transport passengers from the Airport may not refuse or neglect to transport to any requested destination any orderly individual willing to pay the prescribed fare.

(2) An individual operating a motor vehicle for hire to transport passengers from the Airport may not charge passengers a fare in excess of the normal and customary fare in effect from the Airport to the destination, as determined by meter or published rate schedule.

F. Penalties, Fines, and Costs.

(1) Abandoned motor vehicles and vehicles parked in violation of any parking regulation, sign, or notice may be removed by the Administration at the expense and risk of the owner. Towing charges are in addition to any fines.

(2) Parking violations are subject to the following fines:

(a) Obstructing movement of traffic.....$35;

(b) Obstructing movement of pedestrians.....$35;

(c) Unattended motor vehicle.....$50;

(d) Meter or other time limit violation.....$35;

(e) Parking in other than designated areas.....$35;

(f) Illegally parked in handicapped area.....$50;

(g) Illegally parked in leased space.....$35;

(h) Parked in no parking area.....$35.

(3) Fines shall be paid or request for trial shall be requested within 15 days of issuance of the parking violation.

(4) Motor vehicles with three or more unpaid tickets against them may be impounded until all tickets have been cleared.