.11 Taxicab Regulations.

A. General Regulations.

(1) When at the Airport, both Airport and non-Airport taxicab drivers shall conform to all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of their respective jurisdictions, as well as those of the Administration and the State.

(2) All taxicab drivers shall drop off passengers bound for the Airport terminal at the sidewalk curb on the upper level of the terminal public roadway system.

(3) Only taxicabs licensed to operate by a political subdivision of the State and operating pursuant to a concession contract with the Administration may pick up passengers at the Airport subject to this regulation.

(4) Deadheading is prohibited except for:

(a) Airport cabs;

(b) Supplementary Airport cabs as permitted in the concession contract awarded by the Administration.

(5) Taxicab drivers are prohibited from trying to attract or solicit customers while at the Airport by using hand-held lights, vehicle lights, signs, or other visual/auditory devices or aids, other than those markings and lights required and approved by the local jurisdiction to be mounted on a taxicab.

(6) It shall be a violation of these regulations for a person owning a taxicab to permit the taxicab to be used in violation of these regulations.

B. Airport Taxicabs. Airport taxicabs shall operate in compliance with all provisions of the concession contract awarded by the Administration.

C. Non-Airport Taxicabs.

(1) Non-Airport taxicabs shall park, as needed, in the public parking lots, subject to current parking rates, when conducting business other than the transporting of passengers and luggage to the Airport or when conducting business with the Administration relating directly to non-Airport taxicab operations.

(2) A non-Airport taxicab shall immediately depart the Airport after dropping off an incoming commercial passenger at the Airport terminal.

(3) Non-Airport taxicab drivers may not solicit passengers at the Airport, which includes the terminal building, its vestibules, sidewalks, roadways, and parking lots.

D. A violation of the provisions of these taxicab regulations is a misdemeanor, and the maximum penalty which may be imposed for each violation is as set forth in Regulation .10D(3) of this chapter.