.08 Personal Conduct.

A. Use and Enjoyment of Airport.

(1) Conduct which interferes with the lawful use and enjoyment of the Airport and its facilities, or with passage from place to place, or through entrances, exits, or passageways is prohibited.

(2) Walking, driving a motor vehicle, or riding a bicycle on the public areas of the Airport other than on roads, walks, or rights-of-way provided are prohibited.

(3) Smoking or carrying any lighted tobacco products in any building owned or leased by the Administration is prohibited. Smoking shall be permitted only in outdoor areas specifically designated by the Administration.

(4) An area in which smoking or carrying lighted tobacco products is permitted shall be prominently marked.

B. Proselytizing.

(1) "Proselytize" means to induce or recruit someone to convert to one's faith or to join one's party, institution, or cause.

(2) Proselytizing activities at the Airport may be conducted only in those areas, during those times, and in a manner specified by the Airport Director.

(3) Requests for Authorization to Conduct Proselytizing Activities.

(a) Requests shall be made in writing to the Airport Director.

(b) A request shall provide the name, address, and telephone number of the organization, the nature and purpose of the activity, and the name and address of each representative of the organization who will be proselytizing in the terminal.

(c) Copies of all literature to be distributed shall be included in the request.

(d) The request shall indicate whether the organization is a benevolent, religious, or political organization.

(4) An individual or organization authorized to conduct proselytizing activities in the terminal shall contact the Administration the day before each planned and authorized activity for assignment of an area in which proselytizing is authorized.

(5) An individual or organization may not proselytize in the Airport for more than 14 days in any 30-day period. A new written request shall be submitted to the Airport Director before each 14-day period or portion of it during which an individual or organization desires to engage in proselytizing activities.

(6) Notwithstanding the provisions of žB(5) of this regulation an individual or organization may obtain a permit for an additional consecutive period if, as of the next to last day of the individual's or organization's permit period, no other individual or organization has obtained a permit for that period. An individual or organization wishing to succeed itself shall forward a letter of request to reach the Airport Director not later than 4:30 p.m. on the 12th day of an active permit.

(7) An individual or organization involved in proselytizing activities at the Airport for more than 15 days in a period of 45 days shall submit to identification procedures by the Airport Police.

(8) The Administration is responsible for the scheduling and monitoring of proselytizing activities and shall enforce all rules in compliance with these regulations.

(9) An Airport patron, employee, or other individual not involved in proselytizing activity may not be approached:

(a) Within 10 feet of any security screening point, terminal entrance vestibule, or other interior or exterior entrance, elevator, escalator, or stairway;

(b) Out of an unbroken line from and parallel to all ticket counters; or

(c) While in any airline ticket line or concession counter line.

(10) A proselytizing representative may not engage in dancing, or chanting, or use any musical or other noise-producing instrument, or speak in loud or boisterous language or tone, or engage in any other activity which could be disruptive to normal terminal activity.

(11) An individual or organization conducting proselytizing activities may not contend, imply, or lead Airport patrons to believe that the individual's or organization's views represent or are endorsed by the Administration, its tenants, or the State.

(12) An individual conducting proselytizing activities may not physically touch or contact Airport patrons, employees, or other persons, or attach objects to their clothing or baggage without their consent.

(13) Products or goods may not be sold or exchanged in the terminal unless a written contract with the Administration authorizing this commercial activity has been executed. However, proselytizing representatives may offer for sale books, pamphlets, newspapers, and other literature related to or concerning their organization or group, without a written contract, if the organization or group has otherwise received approval from the Airport Director to conduct proselytizing activity.

(14) If an infraction of these regulations is observed by a representative of the Administration, the Airport Director may immediately ask the proselytizing representative to leave. Expulsion may not exceed 24 hours from any one incident. Upon receipt of a sworn, written complaint from any Airport patron, employee, or other individual of an infraction of these regulations, the organization shall be warned and advised that any repetition of a violation of any of these regulations may result in expulsion from the terminal. Similar procedures, including initiation of criminal proceedings by the Airport Police, shall be used for subsequent infractions.

(15) The proselytizing organization has a right to a hearing to be conducted by the Airport Director.

C. Preservation of Property.

(1) Destroying, injuring, defacing, disturbing, removing, or tampering with any man-made or natural Airport property is prohibited.

(2) Any person who causes damage to Airport property is liable for damage payments.

D. Coin-operated Devices. Attempts to use a coin-operated machine without first depositing the coins required by the instructions on the machine are prohibited.

E. Handbills. Handbills may be posted or distributed only with the prior authorization of the Administration.

F. Picketing and Demonstrations.

(1) Picketing and demonstrations anywhere on the Airport shall be authorized by the Administration in advance.

(2) Persons picketing or demonstrating may do so only in areas specified by the Airport Director.

(3) Persons picketing or demonstrating shall conduct themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner.

(4) Persons picketing or demonstrating may not obstruct the use of the Airport by others, or interfere with the operation of the Airport.

(5) Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not picket or demonstrate.

(6) Signs shall be approved in advance of a specified picket date by the Airport Director. Only hand-carried signs are permitted.

G. Disorderly Conduct. Use of the terminal building or any other public area of the Airport for sleeping or other purpose in lieu of a hotel, motel, or other public accommodation is prohibited.

H. Use of Intoxicating Liquors. Consumption of intoxicating liquors is prohibited except in places designated for on-premises liquor consumption.

I. Airfield Airspace Restrictions.

(1) Model aircraft, rockets, kites, balloons, parachutes (other than in an emergency), or similar contrivances are prohibited. Weather devices authorized by the Administration are excepted from this prohibition.

(2) Interference with the safe operation of any aircraft landing at, taking off from, or operating on the Airport is prohibited.

J. Animals.

(1) Domestic pets are not permitted in the terminal building unless destined for air transport and restrained in a container at all times. Exceptions to this section are:

(a) Guide dogs for the blind;

(b) Lead dogs for the hearing impaired; and

(c) Dogs used for governmental security purposes.

(2) Wild animals shall be properly confined for air travel at all times while at the Airport.

(3) Hunting and trapping are prohibited.

(4) Horseback riding is prohibited.

(5) Pets shall be curbed.

(6) Feeding or otherwise encouraging the congregation of birds or other animals on or in the vicinity of the Airport is prohibited.

K. Lost Articles. Articles found in public areas at the Airport may be turned in to the Airport Lost and Found Office. Articles unclaimed by their proper owner shall be disposed of by the Administration. Nothing in this section shall be construed to deny the right of air carriers to maintain "lost and found" services for property of their passengers.

L. Forgery and Counterfeit. A person may not make, possess, use, offer for sale, sell, barter, exchange, pass, or deliver any forged, counterfeit, or falsely altered pass, permit, identification card, certificate, placard, sign, or other authorization purporting to be issued by or on behalf of the Administration.

M. Moving Stairways and Elevators.

(1) Entering upon a moving stairway at the Airport while using or controlling a wheeled vehicle or device for transporting baggage, packages, or persons is prohibited.

(2) Depressing the red emergency button of a self-service elevator or moving stairway under any circumstances other than during an actual emergency is prohibited.