.01 Definitions and Application.

A. Definitions.

(1) "Days" means calendar days.

(2) "Grievance" means a cause of complaint, unless otherwise provided for by law or regulation, arising between a Transportation Service employee and the Department over the interpretation and application of Department regulations, rules, or policies over which management has control.

(3) "Party" means:

(a) An employee having a grievance; or

(b) An aggrieved employee's appointing authority or the appointing authority's designee, or both.

B. The following employees are authorized to present grievances:

(1) Career Service;

(2) Executive Service; and

(3) Commission Plan.

C. The following employees are not authorized to present grievances:

(1) Temporary;

(2) Contractual;

(3) Law enforcement;

(4) Those covered under Maryland Transit Administration collective bargaining agreements;

(5) Emergency.