.09 Administrative Leave.

A. Administrative leave is a form of allotted leave with pay.

B. Allotment.

(1) Administrative leave may be allotted according to §B(2)—(5) of this regulation.

(2) Emergency Releases. Employees may be released from work without charge to earned leave when emergency conditions exist, as specified in COMAR 01.01.1981.10, which is incorporated by reference.

(3) State Job Examination/Interview. Employees may be granted up to 4 hours of administrative leave with pay to take a State or Department job examination, or to go to a State or Department job interview. In cases requiring travel to and from outlying areas, exceptions to the 4-hour limit may be granted.

(4) Question Concerning Fitness for Duty. An employee, with approval of supervisory personnel designated by the appointing authority or the appointing authority's designee, may be relieved of assigned duties, placed on leave status, and allotted administrative leave during:

(a) An investigation of an incident involving work-related conduct; or

(b) The period required to make a determination as to the employee's medical fitness for continued duty.

(5) Activities of Employee Organizations.

(a) An employee who is an authorized member, officer, or delegate to a State employees' organization may be granted administrative leave to attend official organization events.

(b) The use of administrative leave in connection with the activities of employees' organizations shall be assessed and, when considered appropriate, approved by the appointing authority or the appointing authority's designee.