.04 Transportation Public-Private Partnerships Steering Committee.

A. The Steering Committee is established to advise the Secretary on the structure and implementation of the Departmentís Program, including, but not limited to, the following:

(1) Identification of potential public-private partnership opportunities for screening;

(2) Screening of public-private partnership opportunities, including both high-level and detailed-level;

(3) Prioritization of public-private partnership opportunities for solicitation;

(4) Developing presolicitation and solicitation plans and processes for public-private partnerships;

(5) Ongoing monitoring of public-private partnerships; and

(6) Communication and coordination with other State reporting agencies.

B. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of Department and other State employees as identified by the Secretary.

C. The Steering Committee shall be chaired by a Department employee, as identified by the Secretary, and referred to as the Steering Committee chair.