.07 Response to Request.

Within 30 days after the completed request for correction or amendment that complies with Regulations .04 and .05 of this chapter is received, the custodian of the record shall:

A. Make the requested correction or amendment and inform the person in writing of the action; or

B. Inform the person in writing of the:

(1) Department's refusal to make the requested correction or amendment; and

(2) Reason for the refusal; or

C. Inform the person in writing that the request will not be acted on because:

(1) The person is not a "person in interest";

(2) The records sought to be corrected or amended are not "personal records";

(3) The person requesting the correction or amendment is not entitled to inspect the records under State Government Article, §§10-612—10-619, Annotated Code of Maryland; or

(4) Of any other reason that is authorized by law.