.12 Appeal.

A. Upon issuance of a final decision, an aggrieved party may proceed to exhaust any remaining administrative remedies or seek judicial review in accordance with applicable law.

B. The record, for purposes of appeal, in a contested case shall include:

(1) Motions and pleadings;

(2) Documentary evidence;

(3) Statements of each fact of which the presiding officer or decision maker has taken official notice;

(4) Transcripts;

(5) Staff memoranda, unless privileged;

(6) Findings of fact or conclusions of law proposed by a party or presiding officer;

(7) Exceptions to findings or conclusions proposed by a presiding officer;

(8) Intermediate proposals and final decisions; and

(9) Any other writing germane to the case and not otherwise privileged.

C. Upon notice of appeal the record shall be transmitted promptly to the appropriate appellate tribunal but in any event within the time period prescribed in the Maryland Rules of Procedure governing appeals from administrative agencies.